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V Pins are mounted to your cabinetry or a separate board to create a wine wall. Designed to store bottles with the corks facing towards you. The pins are made from aluminium and are available in black or silver.


QTY: 10 per box


V-Pins Wine Bottle Holders (10 pc)

  • What’s in the box:
    Qty 10 loose aluminum V pins with 50mm fixing screws (for screwing onto board/timber)

    How it’s installed: 1) machine a V & hole into the board at the correct spacing as required 2) hold the V pin onto the board and fix with the screws provided 3) level and adjust

    Material & Finish: aluminum extrusion, finished with a textured black finish

    Lead time & delivery:
    In stock and ready to be delivered. Delivery included within South Africa

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